Daily Photo

Haweswater, Lake District

Haweswater Reservoir 

The Lake District and its landscapes have inspired many artists and literary figures over the years. The area is synonymous with Tennyson, Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. Millions of people flock to the Lakes each year to enjoy the same landscapes that have inspired these beautiful tomes and compositions. However, it is a British cult film classic and one of my favourite movies, Withnail & I, that first brought The Lakes to my attention.

Some of the film was shot around Haweswater Reservoir. If you go to The Lake District, the likelihood is that you also enjoy a casual hike or a tougher mosey. However, Haweswater is unlikely to be your first, second or third choice of hiking destination. Realistically it probably won’t make your itinerary. Yet, the location’s connection to the film lies behind our sojourn to the area.

Haweswater’s relative unpopularity to other Lake destinations makes it the perfect escape from the usual busyness. At Haweswater you can enjoy the trail(s) as the only person for miles.


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